Uncover problem payers

Welcome to Shark Patrol

Shark Patrol was a powerful online information-sharing network that brought businesses together to benefit everyone – except sharks.


Shark Patrol LogoShark Patrol began in 2008 to provide a network within which Business owners, Managing Directors, Finance Directors, Credit Managers and others, could communicate with each other concerning those customers, suppliers, employees and others whose business attitudes did not comply with normal practices.

Shark Patrol was a network where participating members could phone each other up and get references (references that the customer often tried to hide) or share information on problem customers. This enabled them to make informed decisions – powerful stuff!

“If you don’t pay I’ll list you on Shark Patrol”

Shark Patrol was essentially a free service – didn’t cost members a cent to join and we only passed on fees for add-on services. Yet I know we saved some members tens of thousands of dollars, and many many more were able to collect debts that were otherwise thought to be unrecoverable.

The power of the Shark Patrol network of members even took me by surprise with its impact and ability to get hardened and habitual non payers to pay up.

Example of a stickers that members could put on invoices and statements
Stickers members could put on invoices and statements

A members “Promise” to a customer that if they didn’t pay they’d be put on the Shark Patrol database really worked.

I have lost count of the number of really nasty, threatening and intimidating phone calls we received from really pissed of debtors. Those who were not used to being held to account for debts they owed.

The main theme of the conversation, if I can call these phone calls conversations, was “I’ve paid the money now so get my name of your F#@*ing database and stop telling people I don’t pay my bills”.

Unsurprisingly many of these calls were by lawyers who thought they were above the law and / or could intimidate us with legal threats – none of which ever came to anything (except they paid their bills).

All good things must come to an end

It is said that all good things must come to an end, a saying supposedly coined by a guy named Geoffrey Chaucer in 1374. It’s a simple phrase, yet a true one. And so it is with Shark Patrol. It is all but now closed for business.

By 2013 the original database and back end systems and processes required substantial reinvestment to keep up with ever evolving on line technologies and security features. We made the decision not to reinvest in Shark Patrol so that we could focus on Insolvency Watch.

January 2013 We split sharkpatrol.co.nz in half and created insolvencywatch.co.nz:

Insolvency WatchFor $49:00 (inclusive GST) per month an Insolvency Watch subscriber can access the restricted content areas AND opt-in to receive daily email summaries on 1) all ‘Advertisement of Application for Putting Company into Liquidation‘ notices, 2) any appointment of Liquidator and / or Receivers and 3) Bankruptcy and No Asset Procedure notices.

Insolvency Watch also monitors the world-wide web in New Zealand for liquidation, receivership, bankruptcy news as well as reports of convictions of fraud and other ‘white collar’ crimes’. We republish extracts of these articles in the Media Watch section, which is freely available and does not require a subscription and / or payment.

Insolvency Watch also continues to provide the FREE search facility which allows you to do a combined search of the Companies Office and Insolvency and Trustee Service. And because it also shows related entity relationships of the directors and shareholders it can be a very insightful tool.

October 2014: We began the process of shutting sharkpatrol.co.nz down – it had served it purpose and it was time to move on, although the public aspect of the site still has a function and will remain live for a while longer.

So how can Shark Patrol help you today

The Shark Patrol website is full of information that we feel will help any business owner, credit controller or self employed person avoid bad debt.

We have information on setting up a credit control process right through to debt collection should you need to collect a debt.

There are also video tutorials, by third parties, on credit control and debt collection which we will keep updated.

There is no reason you should ever experience another bad debt getting out of hand. If you put in place the right processes AND follow them all your customers will pay you in the time frame that you set. If you are slack and let them slide then, well, you get what you deserve!