Shark Patrol is a powerful online information-sharing network that brings businesses together to benefit everyone - except sharks. The online network that beats bad debt.

  • Credit check potential customers

    Check their company structure
    Check their payment behaviour
    Check their insolvency

    Before you do business...

  • Prevent bad debt by monitoring your customers continuously and be alerted immediately to any changes that increase the risk of you not being paid.

    Monitor your customers continuously

    Be alerted to changes in payment behaviour
    and company structure

    Reduce overdue payments by 60%!

  • FREE payment resolution assistance!

    Get paid quickly, usually within 10 days.

    Get 100% of your money paid directly to you

    No contracts, commissions or collection fees.

  • Becoming a Shark Patrol member is fast and simple.

    And for a limited time there is NO JOINING FEE!

    Join today - Help break the cycle of bad debts by ensuring that the companies and individuals who deliberately hurt you cannot go on to hurt others.

Credit Check New Customers

Shark Patrol gives you in-depth information in one place so you can make informed decisions about who do business with, and avoid bad debt. Find out before you do business if your new customer has a habit of not paying.
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Continuous Monitoring

Prevent bad debt sneaking up on you. We can monitor your customers / commercial tenants / suppliers and alert you immediately to any changes that increase the risk of you not being paid.
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Persuading Customers to Pay

Deceptively simple, simply powerful. Shark Patrol Membership entitles you to use our logo, pay on demand stickers or simply add "We are members of and report all problem payers" to invoices, statements etc.
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Report Problem Payers

You don't make promises you can't keep, right! So if your customer says they are going to pay and don't - report them.
Warn other members this customer is unable to pay their bills as they fall due.
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Debt Collection

If you already have a payment problem, or even a debt you had written off, try our Payment Resolution Service - for a limited time the first one is free! (and you don't even need to be a member)
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