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Debt Recovery Hints and Tips

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Hints and Tips to Help Beat Bad Debt

Want to avoid bad debt and costly debt collection hassles? Use these free resources for best practice hints and tips on how to get paid.

Top Ten Tips
Hints and Tips to Help Beat Bad Debt

Debt Recovery: 10 steps to getting paid
Get the debt collection tips your business can use today to recover bad debt and ensure you get paid promptly

Why credit checks are worth doing
It’s all about knowing how likely it is that your potential customer will pay you

Credit Review ALL of your customers regularly
A periodical credit review on your existing customers can reduce overdue debt

Know your Customer
If you don’t know the legal name of the entity that you are trading with how can you possibly start legal action…

Disclose and Agree Payment Terms
if you don’t have a purpose written “Terms of Trade” you shouldn’t be in business

Don’t be afraid to ask for payment
The only good customer is a paying customer, and if you don’t ask, you might not get

Don’t assume that the customer will pay
Why invoicing immediately helps you get paid quicker

Checklist to find a builder
Here are some points for you to consider before starting your building project

Debt Collection Policy

Creating an Effective Credit / Debt Collection Policy
The purpose of a Debt Collection Policy
Debt Collection Policy – Check List
Increase cash flow with a Payment Timetable

Debt Collection Methods

In the interests of good customer relationships try Debt Collection by Telephone
Debt Collection by Letter is an accepted method for all types of debt