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Registered Master Builders Federation: Checklist to find the right builder
Registered Master Builders Federation: Checklist for finding a builder

Find the Right Builder using a check list

Along with getting your plans in order you must also find the right builder.

Here are some points for you to consider before starting your building project – they might just help you find the right builder:

Type of Builder: volume, custom or individual

  • Volume: Larger firms that have building gangs, painting crews, joiners, plasterers etc. They are able to manage the project from beginning to end. They may cost more because they manage the process but they tend to be quick and efficient
  • Custom: These are builders that have set plans which within certain limits, you can customise to your taste. Building from a set plan can be a very economical choice.
  • Individual: These are small one-two person operators. They can offer a lot of flexibility, and provide a greater opportunity for you to be more involved in the whole building process.

Registered Master Builders

Make sure your builder is a Registered Master Builder. To be registered, they must have proved that they can run a successful business and meet stringent quality standards. They must also be able to guarantee their work with a 7-year Master Build Guarantee. This is separately guaranteed by the Registered Master Builders Federation up to a certain limit.

Type of home
Make sure you select a company or builder that has extensive experience constructing homes in your price range and general design style.

Reputation is important. Look for an established builder or building company with an extensive, satisfied client list.

Building a home is a highly personal and emotional experience. Question and listen to everything about prospective builders. What do other people say about the builder and what does your instinct say?

You should be offered a comprehensive written warranty.

The cheapest price may not be the best. Remember you need to trust this builder and a good working relationship is essential for a successful project.

Do your home work
Look at more than one option, even if you have a preferred builder in mind. When you get quotes, tell the builder you are getting other quotes – they will appreciate your honesty.

Award winning
Registered Master Builders build award winning houses. Awards are given to entries that are judged to be 50-80% higher than industry standard, so if your builder carries a quality mark – you can be assured of building excellence.

Source: Press Release: Registered Master Builders Federation 28 March 2007

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