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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I collect a debt myself?

A good question, because it is something we used to encourage Shark Patrol Members to do. We suggest that you start on the Ministry of Justice page: Collecting your civil debt – then work your way through the related pages on their website.

You may also want try Debt Collection by Telephone which we think is a better way to ‘Nurture’ the relationship, compared to Debt Collection by Letter.

How can I get my name off this website?

Well, IF we have made a mistake then we will remove it straight away.

HOWEVER, if your name is displayed on this website because you have been bankrupt or through the No Asset procedure (NAP), you are or were the director of a company that was or is in Liquidation (solvent or otherwise) or Receivership. You may have even been banned as a director, all of which is publicly available information and therefore it is not edited nor removed.

We do not display any information that is not publicly available information. The same information is available elsewhere on the internet and or in hard copy publications.

Why is my name on this website?

We publish information on bankruptcies, NAP’s, Liquidations, Receivership, etc so that those who give credit, lend money or provide rental (commercial or private) have a means to fully assess one’s credit worthiness.

This information may not reflect your current financial circumstances, however it can be extremely useful knowing a little about your past to make an informed decision about if or how much credit approve you today.

NOTE: Because we include public notices and ‘Solvent liquidations’ inclusion on this web site does not always mean that the company, the directors and / or shareholders, or individual/s are insolvent.