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The Tenancy Tribunal attempts to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants.

Tenancy Tribunal helps tenants and landlords resolve disputes

The Tenancy Tribunal provides a quick and easy way for tenants and landlords of residential properties to resolve disputes.

The Tenancy Tribunal hears disputes between landlords and tenants of residential properties who have not been able to reach agreement in mediation provided by the Department of Building and Housing.

The Tribunal conducts proceedings with minimal formality and technicality. It decides disputes according to the general principles of relevant law and the merits and justice of the case, but is not bound by strict legal technicalities.

All  Tribunal orders are presented in written form. By law all Tenancy Tribunal decisions must contain; a) the adjudicator’s orders and b) provide the adjudicator’s reasons as to why those orders have been made.

The majority of  Tribunal decisions are available on line. However, not all orders are made public due to legal requirements or an adjudicator’s decision includes suppression of the decision. Records are available online for 36 months following the hearing.

You can search the Tribunal Orders by the name of a landlord or tenant and/or the address of a residential tenancy. You can also use the Tribunal’s application number if you have it.

To search Search Tenancy Tribunal orders: www.justice.govt.nz/tribunals/tenancy-tribunal/search-tenancy-tribunal-orders

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