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Complaints Procedure
Does your name appear on this web site? BEFORE you contact us to whinge about it, it is important that you go to the Complaints Procedure page first.
Credit Reporting Agency Clause Examples
Here some Credit Reporting Agency Clause examples that you should consider including in your terms of trade and / or customer contracts.

Credit reporting privacy code
The Credit reporting privacy code addresses the credit information collected, held, used, and disclosed by credit reporters. For credit reporters the code takes the place of the information privacy principles.

Privacy Act and Codes
The Privacy Act has as one of its main purposes the promotion and protection of individual privacy. The Act is primarily concerned with good personal information handling practices.

Summary of Rights
A Summary of Your Rights Under the Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2004. The Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2004 is issued under the Privacy Act 1993. It promotes fairness, accuracy, and privacy in the practice of credit reporting.

There are a couple of things we’d like to point out; 1) Shark Patrol is NOT a credit reporting agency, never has been. 2) The Privacy Act DOES NOT cover Publicly Available Information.